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I am a completely different person today compared to when I started SpeakPod.


I have done a number of different programs including SpeakPod, SpeakGeeks, SuperGirls and Compass. Each program was equally fun and worked on a new skill set.


I can confidently and quickly develop speeches overnight that are structured in my mind. I do not need to use a script - all I do is apply the tools I have stored in the famous purple SpeakFluence Toolbox. It is my visual mental checklist of everything I need to have an awesome performance every time.


Onto DebatePod and then IvyPod for me as I start secondary school! I now understand why it is called the SpeakFluence Journey - a great journey it is.

- Sara, Grade 5 Student



SpeakPod has changed my children's lives.  


My now 7 year old daughter, Rachel, has been with SpeakFluence for almost 2 years. She started SpeakPod as a shy child not confident to share her thoughts or express herself in front of groups, no matter the size. Today she is a SuperGirl as she confidently stands up in front of her peers, the school assembly and parents and delivers a speech. I have former teachers and assistants, as well as family and friends, commenting on the change in her. 


My 9 year old son, Thomas, started with Su in September, attending lessons during lunch time. Thomas looks forward to each Wednesday. He is enjoying the debate nature of SpeakPod and the interaction with his peers. 


Thank you to Su for your energy you transfer to the children and the confidence you instil in them.


SpeakPod is one the best courses we put our children Into.

~ Nicole

School Leadership


Taaleem is delighted to be working with SpeakFluence and offer its programmes to our students of all ages. Effective communication is critically important when building self-esteem, encouraging confidence and igniting our young leaders as we aim to prepare our students for their futures.


The Speakfluence programmes teach specific skills for public speaking and communication in an inspiring manner, incorporating values to help build achievements in leadership and critical thinking.  We have seen our youngest students from KG right through to High School benefit from Speakfluence programmes, due to the professional tutors coaching our young leaders in an intelligent and supportive manner.


In an increasingly competitive and fast-changing world, our students will need to be prepared for their adult life equipped with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge to enable them to articulate their views with confidence. As a leading provider of international education in the UAE, with 11 premium quality schools, offering four different curricula to circa 9,000 students with 1300 staff, the SpeakFluence programs align perfectly with our aim to embrace holistic education by inspiring young minds, and help children to identify and develop their passions and talents. Our schools place as much emphasis on the emotional, social, moral and physical development of our students as on the academic subjects. 


We continue to be impressed with the activities and outcomes which encourage our students to express their voice with passion and enthusiasm, and recommend Speakfluence to parents, students and adults alike.

~ Rosamund Marshall, CEO Taaleem


Elle-vated Leaders


A very interactive, engaging, thought provoking and dynamic session - which is hard to achieve in a 2 hour session!

The facilitator was enthusiastic, warm and made us all feel comfortable. A well presented session allowing for openness and vulnerability. Thank you!

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