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Thinking ahead to the Ivy League? Want to showcase your brilliance to top US, UK, and Canadian universities?

Ivy 1: Share the brilliance of your ideas with impact during your 6th Form and upper high school years or when applying to private school and during university interviews. Shine in true form as you learn to speak in a well articulated, concise, structured and persuasive manner.

Ivy 2: Learn the practical application of SpeakFluence as you find and action your authentic passion, deepen your competence and learn to use your voice as a force of powerful change. Transform into a candidate that top universities will vie for.

This applied public speaking and leadership program prepares motivated students well for the competitive university application process. 

Through the SpeakFluence Global Advocacy Project, you will demonstrate your potential as a focused and innovative candidate who will contribute  to your future university community in an exceptional way. You will be prepared to share your passion at internationally remarkable events, conferences and venues.

SpeakFluence students running a Global Advocacy Project
SpeakFluence student delivering TedX talk
SpeakFluence student delivering speech at technology conference



SpeakPod must be taken prior to this course


  • Showcase your distinctiveness to universities

  • Interview preparation

  • Articulate your passions

  • Create your Global Advocacy Project


3 hour commitment weekly

Runs weekly throughout the academic year stopping in time for international exams (Sept-May)

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