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Speakfluence Elle-vate client during a session

Elle-vate Bespoke

Calling all ambitious women keen to propel their career, reignite their confidence or even embrace the entrepreneurial path. It's time to tap into your boundless potential and seize the reins of your destiny. Whether you're dreaming of returning to work with newfound passion, pitching for partnership or taking that leap of faith to build your own empire, this is your moment to shine.

Unleash the power of your feminine brilliance and step boldly into a world of endless opportunities that await your unique skills and talents. Embrace your inner strength, resilience, and creativity – the world is ready to witness the unstoppable force that is you. Learn how to communicate that brilliance to the world.


This program will transform you as you learn to develop your vocal image, be more articulate and persuasive in your career and personal life. 

The SpeakFluence method empowers you with the neuroscience and neurochemistry behind communication and audience engagement so you can bolster your Communication Intelligence. 

Learn to communicate clearly and persuasive to achieve long term career goals and succeed in any professional industry.

Learn the secrets and strategies we share with CEOs and Senior Executives about the science of communication and how you can learn to use these to be impactful with your audience in meetings, interviews, negotiations and networking contexts.


Sparkle with grace and gravitas today.

Launch your career

  • Personalized assessment, communications review and plan development

  • Target specific areas of improvement

  • Partnership with SpeakPod Trainer and Senior Leadership Team

  • Execution of CPD by Senior Leadership Team or individual Executive


  • Corporate speeches

  • Corporate presentations

  • Corporate image management

  • Senior Leadership Team meeting presentations

  • Town Hall Meetings

  • Board meetings

Your SpeakFluence coach

  • Employee works with the speaking coach in respect of defined goals for a specific presentation or speech

  • A process of goal setting, review, scripting and performance is developed and executed  

  • Professional feedback on existing communication skills strengths via personal assessment

  • Focused development of defined communication skills that require improvement or refinement

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