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About Us.

Communication Intelligence is the skill that will differentiate you from the masses. Our formula to develop Communication Intelligence works because it is science based and holistic.


Thousands have benefitted from personal transformation as viewed in video feedback.

Through its curriculum that incorporates advocacy training with research on positive education and educational advances in growth mindset and grit, SpeakFluence empowers individuals to speak with influence and mindfully lead to make positive leadership and social impact. 


Don't fight your physiology

Science backed holistic formula

Combine your verbal and non-verbal skills

Most communication programs "train" on the basics on how to speak in presentations, meetings, social situations. Full stop.


Have you wondered if it is your physiology that is overpowering your ability to apply those skills you have learned and effectively share the brilliance in your mind? 

The SpeakFluence Formula is holistic and embraced by our global community as a language and way of life. It works because it is science based. We put you in charge of your physiology so you can truly share the brilliance of your mind with your audience. 

SpeakFluence goes beyond simply empowering you to master verbal and non-verbal communication congruence. When you are SpeakFluent, you connect with your audience with your Communication IntelligenceTM, charisma and, confidence. You do not simply impact. You are memorable. You add value to your client relationships and build trust.

There is no debate. Whether you are 8 or 78, Communication IntelligenceTM is

  • a personal currency that has supports your power currency

  • a critical life skill for individuals of all ages

  • a key skill to future proof one self

  • akin to learning a language 

  • transformational 

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