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Ages 8-10:
Dreaming of being an impressive and articulate debater?
Join the ranks of our world class debaters who are winning accolades internationally!
This introductory debate program nurtures your ability to speak persuasively and extemporaneously with confidence in mock debate forums. Students learn how to apply their public speaking skills and adapt speeches while applying critical thinking skills. All students must complete the SpeakPod program prior to commencing any SpeakFluence debate program.

Ages 11-14:
Ready for to get out of your public speaking comfort zone?
For students who are eager to be challenged through public speaking skill while developing mental agility, this program introduces your future leader to the world of debating. This program, focused on topics of international mindedness and global leadership, speaking respectfully and with confidence on both sides of debate topics before debate judging panels.

Ages 15-18:
Do you want to shine while on the podium? 
This introductory academic enrichment program is ideal for senior students who are on a debate team or are motivated to become star debaters in the context of Model United Nations or World Scholars international competitions. The program includes educational simulations in which students learn about debate in the context of diplomacy, parliamentary debate, international relations, and the United Nations.

Ages 12-18: NEW FOR 2023/2024!
Ready for the next level? 
Join our competitive traveling debate team! Apply today to test your debate prowess and be ranked at international competitions in Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East.

SpeakFluence DebatePod students having fun in a class
SpeakFluence DebatePod students winning prizes at World Scholar Cup competition
SpeakFluence DebatePod students in class



SpeakPod must be taken prior to this course


  • Global awareness

  • Persuasive, evidence-based arguments

  • Mental agility

  • Extemporaneous speaking

  • Parliamentary debate structure


3 hour commitment weekly

Runs weekly throughout the academic year (Sept-June)

(Sept-May for older students with international exams)

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