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SpeakFluence is an applied public speaking program. Students master public speaking skills and then learn how to confidently use these as life skills in practical contexts - outside of the classroom - when speaking under pressure or in competitive environments. 

SpeakPod is the entry level program required to be completed by all SpeakFluencers. The SpeakPod curriculum encourages impactful, persuasive, creative and spontaneous speaking before unfamiliar audiences without resorting to scripts. Students master key foundational skills focused on verbal and non verbal communication and how to control anxiety in competitive or time pressured environments.

Lessons are blended, held online in weekly group sessions called "pods" and students also meet as a group in person over the academic year. This program is for students aged up to 18. Private bespoke sessions are available.

After completing this program, a student then progresses to one of our advanced program pathways. Explore these courses next...


SpeakFluence students in a SpeakPod class having fun while doing a public speaking activity
SpeakFluence SpeakPod online class
SpeakFluence SpeakPod students in class


Up to 18


  • Confidence

  • Persuasion

  • Impactful speaking

  • Compelling arguments

  • Effective body language


3 hour commitment weekly

Runs weekly throughout the academic year (September-June)

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