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SpeakFluence corporate Individual Bespoke clients during a workshop

Individual Bespoke

Are you lacking communication grit?


Maximize your professional trajectory. Learn to engage your audience and make an impression that lasts. 

SpeakFluence partners with you to create a research based personalized Communication Development Plan tailored to maximise verbal and non-verbal communication development.

We efficiently and effectively empower executives to overcome communication challenges and physiological symptoms related to nervousness and anxiety. With our bespoke program, an executive transforms into a charismatic, confident and communicative leader:

  • Sessions delivered on site by trained lawyer certified in positive psychology

  • Zero work/personal time spent traveling to group sessions at inconvenient times

  • Actionable, relevant lessons catered to your specific goals and timelines

  • Committed to ethical training and client confidentiality to maximize training results

  • See your visible transformation from day 1 through regular video feedback

Find your voice

  • Personalized assessment of your verbal and non-verbal skills

  • Target specific, actionable areas of improvement

  • Develop a bespoke action plan customized to your profession and corporate goals

Elevate your...

  • Confidence

  • Clarity

  • Adaptability to your audience

  • Physiological control

  • Corporate speeches

  • Corporate presentations

  • Corporate image management

  • Town Hall Meetings

  • Board meetings

Your SpeakFluence consultant

  • Work directly with your communication consultant to execute your action plan

  • Make fast progress with clear feedback from your consultant

  • Guidance through mock presentations, town hall or board meetings in a supportive environment 

  • Focused development of defined communication skills that require refinement

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