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Are you ready for some quality "Me time"? Are you 

looking to return to work, launch your own business and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit?

Are you an executive leader, board member, corporate executive  or being groomed for future partnership?

This program will transform you as you learn to develop your vocal image, be more articulate and persuasive in your career and personal life. 


Learn the secrets and strategies we share with CEOs and Senior Executives about the science of communication and how you can learn to use these to be impactful with your audience in meetings, interviews, negotiations and networking contexts.

All programs are bespoke and  support the amazing talent with the gritty goal of helping each mum sparkle with grace and gravitas. 

Often, women have the most brilliant ideas in the room, but remain unheard or fail to exude presence. Did you know you can use science to your advantage?


The SpeakFluence method empowers you with the neuroscience and neurochemistry behind communication and audience engagement so you can bolster your Communication Intelligence. 

Learn to communicate clearly and persuasively with gravitas and confidence as  a vital skill required to be promoted, achieving long term career goals and succeed in one's professional industry.


Speak "YouNique". Maximize your potential and

sparkle with your essence.


A very interactive, engaging, thought provoking and dynamic session - which is hard to achieve in a 2 hour session!

The facilitator was enthusiastic, warm and made us all feel comfortable. A well presented session allowing for openness and vulnerability. Thank you!

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