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Achieving SpeakFluence involves a two stage process with the goal of mastering one's verbal and non-verbal communication so it is congruent and then applied in an academic or professional context.


When you are SpeakFluent, you command your audience with communication grit, communication intelligence and charisma.

Our secret? It is three-fold:


1. Bespoke approach of Coaches: As verified by pre and post video transformation and assessment, the bespoke approach taken by our SpeakFluence Coaches in unparalleled.  In fact, trainers are chosen for their extensive experience as advocates, litigators, educational specialists and world champion debaters. Equally important, they are patient, adaptive parents and educators. Each has held leadership positions in corporate, non-profit and/or professional settings and has a marked ability to effectively tailor and deliver our curriculum in a fun, encouraging and child-centered manner. As a result of the genuine passion of the trainers, each student not only gains a coach but very importantly a mentor to guide them through their development as public speakers, leaders and professionals. 

2. Evidence based Curriculum: As voiced by administrator, parent, teacher and student surveys and testimonials, it is our KHDA approved curriculum which is rooted in positive education methodology.


Our age differentiated curriculum provides children an interactive and structured method to improve each child's potential to become an effective orator in a safe environment that is cognizant of cognitive abilities and developmental stages.  

For younger children, our mission is to nurture each child to be clear, confident, mindful and effective in their communication. They learn to be gritty and persevere with confidence when faced with presentations and personal obstacles of shyness.​ For older children, they take the advanced path that hones superior level speaking skills and mature delivery via international passion projects and training on the art of debate. 

3. Application of SpeakFluence skills: It is not sufficient to acquire skills. Students are enouraged to test their skills in a safe environment and build confidence toward international competitions. We inspire confidence of leaders of all ages by instilling skills to lead and live lives of consequence in one's community, school and professional arenas. We improve and maximize the potential of our future generation by setting each individual's default switch to communicate naturally, effectively, with impact.  

SpeakFluence is the future of education. Join the global movement and SpeakFluence today.

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