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Peruse our academic course options below and select the SpeakPod that is perfect for you. 

We track your child's progress on a skill by skill basis and feedback to you on each success milestone so you can share in your child's SpeakFluence Journey


All training is professionally conducted by coaches who are experienced lawyers, advocates, debate, literacy and/or enrichment specialists. 

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​Watch your child bloom with confidence through this program that provides public speaking training through a fun and structured topic-based curriculum that encourages whole brain and memory development. Students develop a natural ability to speak with influence by managing social anxieties and applying the SpeakFluence Toolbox.


This is the entry level program required to be completed by all SpeakFluencers. This curriculum is facilitated in group sessions encouraging impactful, persuasive, creative and spontaneous speaking before unfamiliar audiences without resorting to scripts. 

Following this program, students choose may one (or more!) of the 3 paths below - either leadership, debate or passion project driven!



Are you ready to sparkle?


Ages 5-10: This fun workshop series will empower girls to develop a growth mindset and a personal SpeakFluence Toolbox.


Your SuperGirl will blossom with communication grit as she internalizes strategies on managing social and presentation uneasiness and is mentored to living an inspired and purposeful life.


Watch your daughter find her spark and let her shine starting today.

These sessions are also available to Girl Scouts, Rainbows, Brownies and Girl Guide groups.

Ages 11+: Empower  your gem to find her voice, confidence and sparkle with gravitas  as maximizes her leadership potential. This holistic program helps future leaders to develop passion and vocally share that passion in academic and social contexts. 

Do you have an eager beaver who thrives on enrichment and seeks challenge? If your future leader shares our motto that “Geeks are Great” and can demonstrate s/he is keen to develop critical success skills the SpeakGeek Academy is for you.

SpeakGeeks are academically stretched through the development of world knowledge and "cool" themed presentation projects.  They maximize geeky potential while capturing the audience and transforming into a leader who is an adept, engaging and crisp speaker.

Each session is 1.5 hours. Family interview required prior to registration. This is a full year program. 


iDebate Jr.      

Dreaming of being an impressive and articulate debater?

Join the ranks of our world class debaters who are winning accolades internationally!

This introductory debate program nurtures your ability to speak persuasively and extemporaneously with confidence in mock debate forums.

Students learn how to apply their public speaking skills and adapt speeches while applying critical thinking skills.

All students must complete the SpeakPod program prior to commencing any SpeakFluence debate program,


For students who are eager to be challenged through public speaking skill while developing mental agility, this program introduces your future leader to the world of debating. 


This program, focused on topics of international mindedness and global leadership, speaking respectfully and with confidence on both sides of debate topics before debate judging panels.

iDebate iLead    

Do you want to shine while debating by maximizing your two minutes? 

This introductory academic enrichment program is ideal for senior students who are on a debate team or are motivated to become star debaters in the context of MUN or World Scholars international competitions. 


The program includes educational simulations in which students learn about debate in the context of diplomacy, parliamentary debate, international relations, and the United Nations. 


Give your child a head start to maximizing their future potential by joining this program that is exclusively taught by an international MUN world champion!

It is a whole new world.


Be a KidFluencer - don’t let the current pandemic restrictions limit your ability to SpeakFluence.

We are limited in live “public speaking opportunities “ with restrictions on gatherings, but that simply means we pivot and learn how to share our passions with confidence globally online!

SpeakFluencers will learn about video education and persuasive content creation for YouTube, personal profiles and online video platforms.

Take this opportunity to learn step by step on how to responsibly and safely share your passion online through impactful video content.

Ivy SpeakPod            

Thinking ahead to Ivy League?


Ivy 1: Share the brilliance of your ideas with impact during your 6th Form, private school and university interviews. Shine in true form as you learn to speak in a well articulated, concise,  structured and persuasive manner. This is a bespoke intensive program that is conducted in 2 hour sessions. Number of sessions determined post registration interview. 

Ivy 2: Learn the practical application of SpeakFluence as you find and action your authentic passion, deepen your competence and learn to use your voice as a force of powerful change. Transform into a candidate that top universities will vie for. This applied public speaking and leadership program prepares motivated students well in advance of the competitive university application process. Through the SpeakFluence Global Advocacy Project, you will demonstrate your potential as a focused and innovative candidate who will contribute  to your future university community in an exceptional way. 

Each session is 2 hours. Family interview required prior to registration. This is a full year program. 

Harvard Model Congress 
Are you searching international competition experience? Do you enjoy delving deeply into world issues and develop complex solutions?

Let SpeakFluence guide you as an approved Faculty Advisor for Harvard Model Congress. Be a confidence and empowered delegates who is a master of extemporaneous speech. Sparkle and shine with remarkable persuasive speech, extemporaneous debate and diplomacy skills.

Harvard Model Congress, the world's premier government simulation is next scheduled for January 2021. Students will take on the roles of US Representatives, US Senators, and UN representatives and tackle some of the world's most pressing issues. This applied public speaking program teaches students communication skills related to negotiation, and compromise and allows delegates to challenge themselves to understand the nuances of politics and the intricacies of legislation.

Harvard Model United Nations 

Are you keen to engage in academic intellectual conversations with like minded peers from around the world? Connect, be productive and push forward your personal impact speaking and debate skills development  through this brilliant program. 


Harvard Model United Nations has a history and legacy of 67 years bringing together future leaders from all over the world for an intense debate, spirited camaraderie and intercultural exchange. Over the past 66 years, HMUN has engaged over 1.2 million students across 500 cities and 120 countries. SpeakFluence is delighted to have been invited to be a Faculty Advisor. 

Through MUN, SpeakFluence builds its students’ adaptive capacity to speak with influence and tackle world pressing issues.

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