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Speak with inFluence Today...

Lead the World Tomorrow

Great is our admiration of the orator who speaks with fluency and discretion ~ Marcus Tullius




Our professionally developed and facilitated SpeakFluence curriculum is focused on an essential skill set that is required for learners to be successful in the 21st Century - Communication IntelligenceTM.


We empower keen learners to engage in a journey toward maximizing their future potential as a SpeakFluencing Leader of Tomorrow. The SpeakFluence Journey runs alongside the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - inspiring students to authentically participate civically and economically with confidence.


By building academic resilience through executive function skills, we inspire students to intrinsically think and act like leaders and teach learners how to apply their skills in practical settings. We Future Ready our students. 

In its quest to strenghten the core of children and mentor them down the path of personal success, the SpeakFluence curriculum embraces the exciting impact of globalization and advances in educational, social and behavioural research.  Our graduated and progressive curriculum instills skills that create future leaders who are prepared for an ever evolving professional landscape.  

We provide what foward-thinking parents and educators are searching for - creative and fun methodology that effectively sharpens life skills to enable children to be internationally competitive. Our SpeakFluencers are our testament to how they can smile ear to ear while aquiring their SpeakFluence skills.  Click here to see our SpeakFluencers in Action!

Wondering how we achieve such results? Explore to find out...

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