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This 21st Century Skill will empower future leaders to succeed.


Through its passion and focus on holistic development, 

SpeakFluence has produced a proven formula that transforms

individuals into authentic communicators.

We empower individuals to bring those skills to bear

when it counts most - on stage, in front of the camera, in the boardroom.

Thousands have seen the proven results through video feedback.


Join the SpeakFluence Family and maximize your future potential starting today.

An integral essence of the SpeakFluence ethos is to curate unique Communication Grit Events where students put their Communication GritTM to the test. After all, what is the use of developing Communication Intelligence and not really knowing if you can rise to the  challenge when called upon to do so?

We support student development through purposeful goal driven speaking opportunities, competitions, unique performances and productions. Communication GritTM is developed when communication skills are put to the test, under pressure. Students access their "SpeakFluence Toolbox", personally assess their progress and how they react when before independent judging panels, the stage and the camera. They grow in grittiness from each experience.

We are thankful for the kind partnership of the National Program for Positivity and Happiness, Prime Minister's Office UAE and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority who have consistently supported our educational initiatives aimed at developing the systemic change where confidence and leadership voice impacts the region on a large scale. Most notable is #TheHappinessSpeakathon which is the region's largest public speaking competition impacting 9,000 families, 1,400 educators and aligning school communities to transform  happiness and wellbeing from concept to action through voice.

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Educating Girls: Unlocking Doors | Olivia Simoni | TEDxYouth@AlBarsha

Educating Girls: Unlocking Doors | Olivia Simoni | TEDxYouth@AlBarsha

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Regional Video Project Opportunities

SpeakFluence's students are often selected to engage in important video productions which serve as unique learning opportunities.


November 2017: SpeakFluencers were selected for the #TeachersofDubai Launch of the KHDA. This video was presented when Dr. Abdulla Karam, Chairman of the KHDA unveiled the book compilation of teachers who were being honoured for World Teachers Day 2017 .


April 2018, SpeakFluencers were selected by the Program for Positivity and Wellbeing of the Prime Minister's Office UAE to participate in a social advocacy video to promote the National Anti-Bullying Week Campaign that was launched on April 22nd. 

SpeakFluence Cup

Students are consistently coached to understand that it is not sufficient to simply develop skills. We hold annual inter school competition opportunities through our "SpeakFluence Cup" to put technical speaking and debate skills to the test. See some memories from SpeakFluence Cup 2017 here. Congratulations to Kings' School Dubai for winning the 2017, 2018 and 2019 SpeakFluence Cup, Impact Speaking Championships! Congratulations to the American School of Dubai for winning the inter school SpeakFluence Cup Debate Championship! The SpeakFluence Cup 2019 brought a remarkable level of competition to the region.   Students are eagerly awaiting the 2020 SpeakFluence Cup - watch this space for this year's winner


World Scholars Cup and MUN

SpeakFluence students are trained to win through perfecting the art of persuasion. We provide what foward-thinking parents and educators are searching for - creative and fun methodology that effectively sharpens life skills to enable children to be internationally competitive. It is not enough to acquire skills.


Our SpeakFluencers apply skills by expressing knowledge through impactful public speaking such as the Model United Nations and performing above the rest in regional, global, international rounds and the Yale Tournament of Champions . Our impressive SpeakFluencers outperform as top ranked debaters at international competitions. Click below to view!

 World Scholars Cup Regional Rounds

World Scholars Cup Mini Global Rounds

 World Scholars' Cup Global Rounds

World Scholars' Cup Yale Tournament of Champions,  

IvyPod Leaders

 As they mature, our SpeakFluencers learn how to effect social change through social advocacy, passion projects and TedX events. We are most proud of our IvyPod leaders who achieve goals of applying their SpeakFluence skills through demonstrable leadership.


As an example, one of our IvyPod student empowered impoverished girls to create girls' parliaments and conducted grassroots community service that shifted local mentality to one supportive of educating girls, effected social change by creating local advocacy programs and won the TedEx event in the region, and taking leadership to obtain authorization to curate new TedX programs at schools and successfully host brilliant launch TedX.


SpeakFluence prepares children to craft and deliver creative. memorable and persuasive speeches for events. Whether it is presenting for a small audience of prospective parents or before a sea of parents at an annual function such as this  International Day Celebration, our training ensures that your leader will impress as the school shines. 

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